2015 Sermons

I Am the Image of God

I Have Rights 

I Refused to Be Distracted

The Autopsy of a Terrorist

2016 Sermons

Building Kingdom Relationships

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Conquering the Spirit of the Last Days

Get Up and Get Out

I Am a Disciple Maker

I Need A New Passion

I Need a New Passion Pt2

I Will Arise and Go to My Father

The Call of the Chief Cornerstone

The Conquering Crown of Hematidrosis

The Life of Joab

The Life of Joab Part 2

The Life of Joab Part 3

The Mind of Christ

The Panic Room

The Position, the Authority, the Power of the Cross

The Power of the 6th Man

The Price of a Soul

The Witness of The Resurrection

To Him that Overcomes

Spring Up, O Wells

You Are God’s Human Conduit


2017 Sermons

3 Weapons for Growing Apostolic Revival and Evangelism

A Fighting Love for the Supernatural

A Thankful Attitude is a Heaven or Hell Issue

El-Roi is my Shelter

Facing My Strongholds

Fight the Good Fight

Getting Serious with the Manifold Grace of God

His Living Word in Living Relationship

His Magnificence

I Am What I Am by the Grace of God

I’ll Be Up Again

I’m Loosing My Mind

Lead by the Spirit

Let It Be Done According to What You Said

Positioning for Apostolic Vision

Power and Authority to Destroy The Works of The Devil

Repositioning the Priority of Our Passions

The Bondage of a Dead Man’s Mantle

The Book of Revelation pt. 1

The Church of the Chief Shepherd

The Dilemma of My Destiny

The Divine Order Love

The Dowry of a Sovereign King

The Feast of Shavuot

The Fiery Seal – This One Thing


The Gate Called Beautiful

The God of the Spirits of All Flesh

 The Kingdom Conquering Chaos

The Perfume is Left on Your Doorknob

The Power Kingdom Covenant Grace

The Sabbath Rest

The Wine and the Blood

The Real Importance to Holy Communion to the Pentecostals of Wisconsin

Thy Rod and Thy Staff Comfort Me

Value is Determined by Sacrifice

Walking With God

Warfare from the Bedroom

Weeping Endures for the Night but Joy Comes in the Morning

Where There is Smoke There is Fire

Who Can This Be

Year of Jubilee

2018 Sermons

A Champion’s Heart

A Mother’s Touch

And Noah Built an Altar

Beauty For Ashes

The Open Door of the First Fruits Harvest

Pastor’s Prayer Notes on Praise

Calvary’s Kingdom Love

Courtship is Discipleship

Covenant Discipleship – PRAYER DEVOTION

Dealing with Our Self-Esteem

Don’t Let the Fire Go Out

Fasting for Intimacy

Giddy With Gideon

I Am Willing

Jesus the Lord of Armies

Like The Days Of Noah

Married to Another

My Beloved prayer notes

My Lord and My God


Praying the Mind of Jesus Christ

Praying the Mind of Christ Part Three

Pursuing the Championship Trophy

Rebuilding and Reproducing Your Ruins

The Continuum of Kingdom Love Vows

The Distinct Trumpet for War

The Fortress and Hiding Place

The God Who Answers by Fire

The Hiding of God’s Power when He is Silent in Your Life

The Immeasurable Made Measurable

The Issue of Shame

The Kingdom Heart of Jesus Christ

The Passion of Christ

The Power of a King

The Power of Abiding in the Spirit of Prayer

The Purifier

The Substance of Our Faith

The Superior Love of Jesus Christ

The Tent of David

The Two Weapons of the Kingdom Community Culture


Transformation for Multiplication

Wait For the Power


Wings in the Wilderness

Would You Like to Gain More of God’s Favor and Fruit for Your Life?

You Are Made Alive in Him

You Cannot Stay Where You Are

Your Accessories to The Royal Robe of Intimate Love

Your Self Image

2019 Sermons

Ask and Tell

Calvary Confronts The Problem of Seeking Instant Gratification

Do You Have Room?


 Judah Is God Known


The Ambush of Jeroboam

The Storm Has Come For The Awakening

Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes