Pastor Donald L. Rogers and Sis. Vyon Rogers are visionary leaders in love with Jesus Christ. Married for over 30 years, they have shown much love and encouragement for many over the years in ministry.

They met and married in Louisiana, and went through many years of hardship. In God’s perfect plan and purpose they have come forth as gold tried in the fire! God later sent them as multicultural ministers to the Milwaukee Metro area, where they have faithfully served for over 20 years.

Pastor and Sis. Rogers walk and live an anointed, prophetic life that transforms others’ lives. They live and preach the core values our church is founded upon: Inner Healing, Apostolic Doctrine, Christian Education, Bible-based Worship, Multicultural Evangelism, and Personal Prayer Development.

Sis. Rogers is the founder of our school, Victory Christian Academy, and Pastor Rogers serves as the School Board President. They work tirelessly together in relational evangelism, preaching, teaching and have travelled throughout the globe preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Their emphasis is always on the glory, majesty and love of Jesus Christ in all that they do. To God be all the glory!